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Piano Repair

The Piano Repair Professionals You Can Trust

If you aim to play melodious and outstanding piano music, you should always keep your instrument in excellent condition so it can produce the beautiful sounds you need. At AM Piano Repair and Tuning Service, we can help you address all the needs of your piano! We offer dependable piano repair, maintenance, and related services to care for pianos of all kinds for our valued customers in Elkton, MD and the adjoining areas!

What We Offer

Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

If you want to get the perfect tunes out of your piano but instead it is producing poor and disappointing sounds, you can rely on our expert piano tuning service. We are specialists, expertly trained to adjust each string in your acoustic pianos to make sure each note comes out flawlessly!
Piano Repair

Piano Repair

You don’t need to get overly stressed if your piano keyboard or the pedals of your piano have some loose pieces or if anything is not working as it should in your instrument. You can count on our piano repair service to identify and effectively address any issues to make your piano work flawlessly again!
Piano Cleaning and Maintenance

Piano Cleaning and Maintenance

Not only do the surfaces and keys of your piano accumulate dust and grime, but its internal systems can also be affected by dirt and become an obstacle to the flawless functioning of your piano. Let our piano experts clean and maintain every piece and surface of your piano so it won’t give you any trouble!
Piano Appraisal

Piano Appraisal

If you are thinking of buying or selling a piano and want to know how much it is worth to make a sound investment, you can rely on us! A professional piano technician from our team can do a complete and dependable appraisal of the instrument in question so you can make an informed decision!
Piano Remodeling and Restringing

Piano Remodeling and Restringing

We can also perform excellent remodeling and restoration work on different kinds of pianos to make them look and work outstandingly as if they were new. Plus, our dependable team can replace all broken or damaged strings to recover the beautiful sounds of your beloved old piano!

Client Testimonials

by Mary G. Kendricks on AM Piano Repair and Tuning Service
Great Job!

I wanted to repair my grandpa's piano, but it was very old and dilapidated, and I thought it was beyond salvation. It turns out that It wasn't! A professional piano technician from this company came to my home and worked meticulously until the piano sounded beautiful again! Very recommendable!

Get the Perfect Notes

With the professional help of piano repair and tuning experts, you will be able to create and play wonderful music without any obstacles in your instrument. Plus, you will not worry about losing your investment, since experts can make sure to prevent irreparable damage to your piano. But that is not all! You will also be able to recover the visual appeal of your instrument and make it the star of your property.

Ensuring Flawless Pianos

Our team carefully addresses the needs of every piano that we tune, repair, or remodel. We perform a detailed and meticulous inspection of all its components, systems, and small pieces to make sure they stay in flawless condition. When we identify an issue, we do thorough and delicate work so we can protect its most frail components.

The Areas We Cover

We can care for pianos in many areas! Our team wants to help as many piano owners as possible, and we don’t have any trouble traveling a few additional miles to visit new customers outside Elkton, MD. Turn to our piano experts if you live in any of the following areas:

  • Glasgow, DE
  • Brookside, DE
  • Pike Creek Valley, DE
  • Pike Creek, DE
  • Wilmington Manor, DE

If you are interested in caring for the well-being of your piano with our professional help, don’t hesitate to schedule our services directly by phone. At AM Piano Repair and Tuning Service, we are eager to hear from you! Give us a quick call now!

Services List

  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Restringing
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Piano Appraisal
  • Piano Remodeling
  • Piano Repair
  • Piano Maintenance

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